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Walter Allen Biography

Walter Allen is an American journalist working as a news anchor for FOX 13 News. He was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Walter attended Mile High City at Metropolitan State College of Denver. He is married to Natalie Taylor, a journalist, whom he met while working in Columbus.

Walter Allen Age

He was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Information about his age will be updated soon.

Walter Allen Wife

He is married to Natalie Taylor, a journalist, whom he met while working in Columbus. The couple lives in the Sunshine State. They got married in Sanibel Harbour and they are excited to have a fresh start in Florida.

Walter Allen

Walter Allen

Walter Allen Net Worth

His net worth is still under review.

Walter Allen Career | Walter Allen FOX 13 News

Walter Allen joined FOX 13 in March 2014. Walter stays Good Day Tampa Bay from 4:30 to 7 a.m. during the week.

Walter is a multi-capable writer with securing, detailing and delivering capacities. He was brought up in Denver, Colorado and concentrated in the Mile High City at Metropolitan State College of Denver. He burned through two semesters interning at KCNC before propelling his telecom profession in 2007 at KCWY, the NBC associate in Casper, Wyoming.

While there, Walter was named Best Reporter and Anchor Person of the Year by the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters.

Following three years in Wyoming, Walter traveled east and acknowledged a general task correspondent situation in Columbus, Ohio at the ABC/FOX station, WSYX. The correspondent position prompted co-mooring openings in 2011 at WSYX.

During his two years in Columbus, Walter secured breaking news occasions and invested important energy behind the stay work area. Those encounters in the Buckeye State helped him land an end of the week morning co-grapple and the revealing situation at WISH in Indianapolis, Indiana.

While working in Columbus, Walter met his significant other, individual telecaster Natalie Taylor. They are both eager to live and work in the Sunshine State. Walter and his better half were hitched in Sanibel Harbor and are eager to start the following section of their lives in Florida.


Morning Anchor
Company Name Fox Television
Dates Employed Mar 2014 – Present
Employment Duration 5 yrs 7 mos
Location Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area

Weekend Morning Anchor, Reporter
Company Name LIN Media
Dates Employed Apr 2012 – Feb 2014
Employment Duration 1 yrs 11 mos
Location WISH-TV, Indianapolis, IN

Fill-In Anchor, Reporter for ABC6 and FOX28
Company Name Sinclair Broadcast Group
Dates Employed Apr 2010 – Apr 2012
Employment Duration 2 yrs 1 mo
Location Columbus, Ohio Area

News Anchor, Reporter, Producer
Company Name KCWY-TV, NBC for Wyoming
Dates Employed Jan 2007 – Apr 2010
Employment Duration 3 yrs 4 mos

Company Name KCNC-TV
Dates Employed 2005 – 2006
Employment Duration 1 yr

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Walter Allen flies with the Thunderbirds

 Article by Allen

Girl with cancer takes a break from reality with magical — but temporary — tattoo session

TAMPA, Fla. (FOX 13) – Cancer can take away precious time and loved ones from a patient and their family, but there are ways to brighten up a child’s day. Sometimes it’s in the most unlikely places, like a tattoo parlor.

The employees of Ink Wolves in Tampa had a strict rule: No children. But that rule has been tweaked after Seth Van Nostrand suffered a loss last year.

“My mother just recently passed away from cancer,” he explained to FOX 13. “She passed away in October. It sucks. That’s why I say that cancer is cancer.”

It was because of that, and his love of children, that he let their one rule go away for the day and allowed 3-year-old Trinity to sit in a tattoo parlor chair – with her feet barely over the edge of the seat – and get tattoos of her own. The artists used markers, and the tattoos are all temporary, of course.

Trinity, who is battling neuroblastoma, is infatuated with her father’s tattoos. So, her mother thought, “Why doesn’t she get her own?” Trinity also loves Disney movies and their characters. Her tattoos are all inspired from the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

“As a mom and as a parent, you don’t want your kid to suffer,” Skyla D’Autorio explained. “You want to be able to fix it. This is one situation that I can’t fix. I can’t take cancer away, I can’t do the chemo for her. I can’t do any of the treatments or take the injections. All I can do is give her the best day I can, whenever I can, and her smile says it all.”

Usually, the music booming through Ink Wolves is within the rock genre, but on Trinity’s day to get her own special ink, they played Disney-themed songs just for her.

“She doesn’t really fit the bill,” Nostrand said with a laugh, “but she’s worth it.”

On that special day, Trinity beamed, smiled and curiously looked on as the artists drew her a Stitch character and outlined the common Mickey Mouse ears onto her arms. She even handed the artists markers to help out.

“I’ve never been in a tattoo shop,” Skyla said. “I have no idea what to expect. I’m bringing a toddler into a tattoo shop. I mean, what am I doing?”

The tattoos will wash off after six days, but the fight against cancer will continue for the young Trinity.

“People think when they hear cancer, they think adults, not kids. People think that you go to the hospital and you get your chemo and you’re good,” Skyla said. “Or Trinity’s hair is growing back and she’s doing better, but that’s not the case.”

Trinity still has an inoperable tumor. Doctors are trying to figure out what to do next, her mother explained. In the meantime, her tattoo “sleeves” are a great way to raise awareness and forget about life for a second.

“We all love kids and even though there is a sign that says, ‘No Children. No Exceptions,’ we all love kids outside of the shop,” said Nostrand, “and we all love kids inside the shop too.”

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