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Sorboni Banerjee Biography

Sorboni Banerjee is an American journalist working as a weekend anchor and consumer reporter at FOX 13 News. She attended Boston University and graduated cum laude.

Here, she studied broadcast journalism and international relations. She was honored to be the student commencement speaker.

Sorboni enjoys spending time with her husband and son on the beaches of Florida, USA. She is also working on her adult novels.

Sorboni Banerjee Age

Information about her age will be updated soon.

Sorboni Banerjee

Sorboni Banerjee

Sorboni Banerjee Husband

She is a married woman and she has a son with her husband.

Sorboni Banerjee Career | Sorboni Banerjee FOX 13 News

Sorboni Banerjee is FOX 13’s end of the week grapple and shopper correspondent focused on helping watchers set aside cash, time, and take advantage of their bustling lives!

Sorboni went through 10 years reporting in real-time in Boston, most as of late as a grapple on the FOX 25 Morning News. Beforehand she was a grapple and columnist at WHDH in Boston. Brought up in Rhode Island, she was likewise a morning stay in Providence at ABC 6.

Sorboni got her beginning as a journalist, grapple and political reporter at NBC 25 in Hagerstown, Md. She graduated summa cum laude from Boston University where she considered communicate news-casting and global relations and was regarded to be the understudy initiation speaker.

Sorboni adores seashore days with her better half and infant kid keeps running with their canine, taking a shot at her young grown-up books, and attempting Tampa’s amazing cafés. She is exceptionally eager to be a piece of the FOX 13 family!


Consumer Reporter/Weekend Anchor of Good Day Tampa Bay
Company Name FOX 13 News WTVT
Dates Employed Jun 2015 – Present
Employment Duration 4 yrs 4 mos
Location Tampa

News Anchor
Company Name WFXT Fox Boston
Dates Employed Jun 2012 – Present
Employment Duration 7 yrs 4 mos
Location wfxt fox Boston
Up at 2 am, and on the air 4:00-10 am, I was a morning anchor at Boston’s Fox affiliate – bringing people the news, breaking down the issues, interviewing live guests and having fun and laughs along the way. I left those early hours behind to create and launch a brand new 5 pm show – it was a little bit talk show – a lot of news. We dug deeper into the news of the day to dissect discuss and debate! See less

Company Name WHDH
Dates Employed Nov 2006 – Apr 2012
Employment Duration 5 yrs 6 mos
Location Boston
Morning anchor and reporter covering breaking news, feature reports and serving as a political correspondent for NH primaries 2008, 2012.

Company Name American India Foundation
Dates Employed 2006 – 2012
Employment Duration 6 yrs
Hosted signature Boston fundraising gala for the non-profit

morning anchor
Company Name WLNE ABC6
Dates Employed Jan 2003 – Feb 2006
Employment Duration 3 yrs 2 mos

Company Name WHAG TV
Dates Employed 2002 – 2004
Employment Duration 2 yrs
Location Hagerstown, MD
5 pm anchor 2003-2004; weekend anchor 2002-2003; general assignment reporter, political correspondent covering Annapolis

Company Name NECN
Dates Employed 1998 – 1999
Employment Duration 1 yr

Sorboni Banerjee Book | Sorboni Banerjee Hide with Me

Summary from;

“I’m calling 9-1-1,” I told her.
Her voice was raspy. But even though it was a ragged whisper, it hit me like a scream.
“You really need a doctor.”
She shook her head.
“How am I supposed to help you then?”

In the dying cornfields of his family’s farm, seventeen-year-old Cade finds a girl broken and bleeding. She has one request: hide me.

Tucked away in an abandoned barn on the edge of the farm, the mysterious Jane Doe starts to heal and details of her past begin to surface.

A foster kid looking for a way out, Jane got caught up in the wrong crowd and barely escaped with her life. Cade has a difficult past of his own. He’s been trapped in the border town of Tanner, Texas his whole life. His dad is a drunk. His mom is gone. Money is running out. Cade’s focused on one thing, a football scholarship–his only chance.

Cade and Jane spend their nights in the barn planning their escapes, and their days with Cade’s friends: sweet, artistic Mateo and his determined sister Jojo who vows to be president one day.

But it’s not that easy to disappear. Just across the border in a city in Mexico lies the life Jane desperately wants to leave behind–a past filled with drugs and danger, information she never wanted, and a cartel boss who is watching her every move. Jane Doe’s past is far from over, and the secret she holds could kill them all.

In HIDE WITH ME debut author Sorboni Banerjee crafts a gripping story about the unbreakable bonds of friendship, the sweeping power of first love, and the courage to fight for a brighter future against all odds.

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Hide With Me by Sorboni Banerjee Book Trailer

Reporter and anchor Sorboni Banerjee takes on fiction in her debut novel, ‘Hide With Me’

After a decade of reporting on air at Channel 7 and Fox 25 in Boston, where she covered everything from the 2004 World Series to Whitey Bulger’s capture, Sorboni Banerjee made the shift to Tampa, Fla. She still works as a reporter and anchor but has recently added novelist to her impressive list of credentials.

“Hide With Me,’’ her debut novel about two teenagers on the Texas border, is out now. The Globe caught up with Banerjee, a Rhode Island native, ahead of her brief return to Massachusetts, and discussed the merits of fiction writing, in-depth research, and the young-adult genre.

Q. What was it like shifting from straight-up reporting, especially on air, to writing a novel?

A. It was what I always wanted to do, and I actually got into news because it was a way to write stories every single day that was unfolding in front of my eyes. So I would bring the way that I wanted to tell a story to an actual real-life event.

And I love words so much and finding a unique way of putting them together to really, really capture a feeling. That was always the challenge that I would give myself reporting in Boston even.

That’s the place that defined me as a reporter. I was a little kid still, to myself, when I think about starting on Channel 7. I was running around reporting for the night team, cutting my teeth on all these huge big crazy stories.

Q. How long has this story been in the works for you? What was the process?

A. This story was actually really quick. I’ve written several different manuscripts before, and I had never really shopped them before.

[For “Hide With Me’’], I layered in interviews with some border agents that I talked to. I also spoke to a couple of different groups, some different social workgroups in Boston . . . who is helping rehabilitate girls who had been trafficked? And so that found a home in the story as well.

Q. Why did you decide to make the book YA fiction?

A. You know, I think it’s because it was such an important part of my formative years because I was such a huge reader as a kid. The books that I love the most in my life, and had such a lasting impact, I read as a young adult.

So I sort of go back to that as an author because I want to provide that same sort of introspection and thought the process that I had to a teenager today. Especially in a day and age where you have teenagers coming together, more active than I think we’ve seen in a lot of generations, fighting back against school shootings, fighting back against systemic racism, fighting back against [those]not thinking about the environment.

They’re demanding greener products and sustainable practices, and they want to shop at businesses that are ethical. I feel like we have such smart teenagers.

Q. Do you have the fiction bug now?

A. I do, I do, because I just believe in the beauty of a good story. It’s funny because my book would be described as commercial literary, being that it’s written to entertain you.

So I wrote it in a sense that, we’re all so quick to shift our attention these days, and so I wrote it in a way that I hope kind of has the pacing of TV.

I wanted it to be that same feeling, to binge a book, where you can’t put it down and read the whole thing in two days. And that’s what I love hearing from the people who have read it so far.

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