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Shannon Lee Biography

Shannon Lee is an American actress, martial artist, and businesswoman. She was born on April 19th, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

She is the daughter of Bruce Lee and Linda Emery. She studied Jeet Kune Do when she was young. He serious started in the late 1990s. She studied Taekwondo under Dung Doa Liang and Wushu under Eric Chen.

Shannon Lee Age | How Old Is Shannon Lee

She was born on April 19th, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is 49 years old as of 2018.

Shannon Lee Husband |Shannon Lee Ian Keasler

She has been married to Ian Keasler since 1994.

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Shannon Lee Daughter | Shannon Lee Children

She has a daughter; Wren Keasler.

Shannon Lee Bruce Lee

She is the daughter of the legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee.

Shannon Lee Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee is the brother of Shannon.

Shannon Lee Height

She is 1.75 M tall.

Shannon Lee Career

Lee made her acting introduction playing an appearance in her dad’s 1993 biopic movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story as the gathering vocalist of the tune “California Dreamin.'” She proceeded to show up in the direct-to-video movies Cage II (1994) with weight training veteran and entertainer Lou Ferrigno and High Voltage (1997) with Antonio Sabato Jr. In 1998, she featured in the Hong Kong activity movie Enter the Eagles, coordinated by Corey Yuen, co-featuring Michael Wong, and Anita Yuen.

On TV, she visitor featured in a scene of the TV arrangement Martial Law nearby Sammo Hung in 1998 and showed up in the science fiction TV film Epoch, which previously disclosed on the Sci-Fi Channel in 2001. That equivalent year, she assumed the main job in the activity film Lessons for an Assassin.

She was likewise the host of the primary period of the game show WMAC Masters. She sang in the band Medicine’s collection The Mechanical Forces of Love in 2003. She sang a front of “I’m in the Mood for Love” for the film China Strike Force (2000), which featured Leehom Wang and Aaron Kwok.

Lee is a leader of the Bruce Lee Foundation. She was the official maker of the 2008 TV arrangement The Legend of Bruce Lee, in light of her dad’s life, and the 2009 narrative film How Bruce Lee Changed the World. In 2015, Perfect Storm Entertainment and Lee declared that the arrangement The Warrior, based a unique thought by Bruce Lee, would be created and would air on the Cinemax and the movie producer Justin Lin was picked to coordinate the arrangement, booked to make a big appearance in 2019.

Shannon Lee Movies | Shannon Lee Films

  • Demon Kiss
  • Lessons for an Assassin
  • Epoch
  • Enter the Eagles
  • Blade
  • High Voltage
  • Cage II
  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Shannon Lee Blade

A half-mortal, half-immortal is out to avenge his mother’s death and rid the world of vampires. The modern-day technologically advanced vampires he is going after are in search of his special blood type needed to summon an evil god who plays a key role in their plan to execute the human race.

Initial release: 21 August 1998 (USA)
Director: Stephen Norrington
Featured song: Confusion
Box office: 131.2 million USD
Budget: 45 million USD

Shannon Lee High Voltage

Amateur robbers, led by wannabe gangster Johnny Clay (Antonio Sabato Jr.), pull off a big heist, only to realize that the bank they just held up is really a front for a money-laundering operation linked to the Mafia’s drug activities. Headed by kingpin Victor Phan (George Kee Cheung), the mobsters come after the robbers, looking to recover their money and take revenge on the crooks. Shoot-outs ensue as Johnny tries to keep himself and his partners alive.

Initial release: 1997
Director: Isaac Florentine
Music composed by Stephen Edwards
Producer: Yoram Barzilai
Language: English Language

Shannon Lee Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Bruce Lee’s (Jason Scott Lee) rise begins in Hong Kong, as a young boy receiving traditional Chinese martial arts training. After an altercation compels young Bruce to leave the country, his father (Ric Young) sends him to the United States, imploring him to seek success that even Hong Kong will recognize. Bruce begins by teaching martial arts to American students, and eventually becomes a popular actor on the “Green Hornet” television series, known in Hong Kong as “The Kato Show.”

Initial release: 26 June 1993 (South Korea)
Director: Rob Cohen
Box office: 63.5 million USD
Adapted from: Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew
Languages: English, Cantonese

THE GRANDMASTER | A Conversation with Shannon Lee, Daughter of Bruce Lee

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