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Regina Louise Biography | Who Is Regina Louise | Regina Louise Kerr Taylor

Regina Louise Kerr-Taylor is an American author, child advocate, and motivational speaker best known for successfully navigating through more than 30 foster home placements as a ward of the California Juvenile Court system.

She is the daughter of Tom Brock, a singer/songwriter. He abandoned his daughter so that he could pursue his musical interests. Regina Louise was conceived on May 2, 1963, in Austin, TX. She went to Molly Dawson’s primary school and left at eleven years old.

Because of her dad’s antagonism, Regina handed herself over to the Richmond Police Department and was arrested the day preceding her thirteenth birthday celebration. Louise fortified with Jeanne Kerr, who filled in as a medical caretaker at the asylum. Kerr communicated an eagerness to receive Louise, yet a Contra Costa County court denied her request.

Louise lived in more than 30 encourage homes, bunch homes and mental offices before age 18. She currently talks and mentors associations and people on issues of injury and self-awareness, and is a childcare abolitionist. She presently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Regina Louise

Regina Louise

Creator of the journal Somebody’s Someone, Louise has shown up on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered KQED Forum, CBC, BBC and the CBS Early Show. Louise and her story have likewise been canvassed in different papers and magazines.

After the 2003 arrival of Somebody’s Someone, Louise had the option to reconnect with Kerr, presently wedded to a man with the last name Taylor. On Nov. 20, 2003, in a similar Contra Costa County town hall where a judge had denied Kerr’s solicitation to receive Louise decades back, Kerr, at that point 59, embraced Louise, at that point 41, who at that point made Kerr-Taylor her legitimate last name. Her subsequent diary, Someone Has Led This Child to Believe: A Case History of Love, was discharged July tenth, 2018.

Regina Louise Age

Regina Louise was born on May 2, 1963, in Austin, TX.

Regina Louise Mother | Regina Louise Birth Mother | Regina Louise Biological Parents

She is the daughter of Tom Brock, a singer/songwriter. He abandoned his daughter so that he could pursue his musical interests. Information about her biological mother will be updated soon.

Regina Louise Son

The only information available is that she is a mother to a son but more information will be updated soon.

Regina Louise Adopted Mother | Regina Louise Adoption

At the point when you grow up the way Regina Louise grew up- – surrendered by her folks, physically mishandled via overseers, transported from encouraging home to cultivate home- – you figure out how to question your recollections. Indeed, even the great ones, particularly the great ones, accompany a disclaimer: Maybe they never occurred.

Louise recalled that a lady once needed to receive her. The lady took Louise to the expressive dance and show, instructed her to put stock in herself, and made her an excellent blue dress with rainbows and hearts sewed on the front.

At that point, the lady vanished from her life. When Louise, the effective proprietor of two Bay region hair salons, plunked down to keep in touch with her diary in 1999, she was 37, and none of the grown-ups from her youth who could certify her accounts could be found.

What she could review, and what she believed, she recorded. In the late spring of 2003, Louise’s journal’s, “Someone,” landed in book shops.

Louise was a little child when her organic mother left her in Austin, Texas, under the watchful eye of a lady who took in kids. Her dad just enigmatically realized she existed.

Louise regularly was abused. Dismissed by her folks, she wound up in California’s childcare framework.

In 1975, on the eve of her thirteenth birthday celebration, Louise landed at a youngsters’ asylum in the Bay territory. Jeanne Taylor worked at the safe house, and where others saw terrible conduct in Louise, Taylor saw potential.

She fed it with excursions to the drama and artful dance and by showing to Louise her potential for good. Taylor needed to receive the young lady. In any case, some social specialists liked to place dark youngsters with dark families, accepting those homes to be progressively appropriate settings. Taylor was white, single and 31.

The court denied her appeal to embrace. That forswearing implied Louise would spend the remainder of her youth moving: She lived in any event 30 homes and offices.

A defining moment came when Louise returned to a youth fantasy about turning into a beautician. After cosmetology school, she handled an apprenticeship, and after that, she and a colleague opened a salon.

Indeed, even as life improved, the past kept on hounding Louise. She chose that composition a book was the most ideal approach to give up.

Dazzling revelation

At the point when her editors requested individuals to confirm her story, she mentioned her record from the social administration’s division.

There she discovered something she never expected: letters Taylor had sent years back. No one in those days had tried to offer them to Louise.

After her book was discharged, Louise gave a meeting to a Bay region paper. A lady who had worked at the safe house 25 years prior read the article and found Taylor.

During her book visit, an email arrived in Louise’s workstation with the title, “I am so glad for you, darling.”

The lady Louise had been searching for needed her to call. The email was marked “Jeanne.”

It was an excessive amount to comprehend. Louise shut the PC.

Days after the fact she called the number, hoping to hear a recorded message. Rather she heard Taylor’s sing-tune voice.

“Hi, o-o?”

Louise attempted to slow down. At that point she stammered, “May I address . . . is Jeanne . . . ?”

At that point, the ball was in Taylor’s court to need air.

“Is that you?” she said. “Is that my child young lady? You were my first kid. I loved constantly you. I needed you . . . I attempted.”

Louise needed to pull the telephone away from her ear to cover the sound of her tears.

Taylor, whom Louise had known as Jeanne Kerr, had hitched a man in the military, taken his last name and left the Bay zone. They had a child and lived in different towns.

Taylor needed to give Louise an inheritance that ought to have been asserted quite a while back. First Taylor called her significant other, who was positioned in Iraq and talked about her arrangement. At that point, during a subsequent telephone call, she made Louise an offer: “Okay prefer to be received?”

Louise disclosed to her she would get back to. She hung up, made a beeline for a mirror and working on collapsing her lips into a word she had safeguarded for such a minute. At that point, she called with her answer.

“Hello there, Mommy,” she said.

Louise still was on her book visit, so they at long last met half a month later at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

Taylor gave Louise a photograph collection. There she was with Taylor at an exhibition of “The Nutcracker,” at that point at an event congregation. At that point, there was the blue dress, the one with rainbows and hearts that Taylor had hand-sewed over the front.

Family finally

On Nov. 20, 2003, in a similar Contra Costa County town hall where a judge had denied Taylor’s solicitation to receive Louise decades prior, Taylor, 59, embraced Louise, 41.

The ladies remained under the watchful eye of Judge Lois Haight, who said their mom’s little girl relationship would be irreversible, that they would be liable for one another. The judge disclosed to Taylor’s better half and child, Christopher, at that point 23, and to Louise’s child, Michael, at that point 17, that they were all family. The ladies lifted their correct hands and promised to tolerate it.

At that point, the judge took a hammer and pronounced them kinfolk. Louise is focused on saving kids in childcare the encounters she suffered and is composing a book about rejoining with Taylor.

Since the selection, they have shared a progression of firsts: Thanksgiving, Christmas, occasion parties. This Christmas season there was one more.

Louise, her mom, and Christopher started living respectively as a family. They spent their first Christmas in their new home in Pleasant Hill. Yet, first mother and girl came back to the safe house where they met almost 30 years prior.

Regina Louise Husband

Information about her marital life will be updated as soon as possible.

Regina Louise Net Worth

There is no information about her net worth but if we get any information, it will be updated as soon as possible.

Regina Louise Movie | The Regina Louise Story | Regina Louise Lifetime Movie

I Am Somebody’s Child: The Regina Louise Story is a 2019 film that disclosed on Lifetime. The film depends on the life of Regina Louise who fills in as a co-official maker and featuring Angela Fairley, Ginnifer Goodwin, Monique Coleman, Sherri Saum, and Kim Hawthorne.

On April 21, 2019, an “Extraordinary Edition” of the film publicized that included off-camera interviews with Louise, Fairley, Goodwin, Coleman, and Hawthorne. Regina Louise (Angela Fairley) is a young lady who has been put in 30 cultivate homes and mental offices before the age of 18.

A lady named Jeanne Kerr (Ginnifer Goodwin) needs to embrace her just to be prevented in light of the fact that from claiming the racially-propelled running the show. Despite the fact that Jeanne doesn’t abandon Regina and plans to be her lifesaver.


  • Angela Fairley as Regina Louise
  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Jeanne Kerr
  • Monique Coleman
  • Sherri Saum
  • Kim Hawthorne as Gwen Ford
  • Regina Louise as herself (archive footage)
  • Jeanne Kerr as herself (archive footage)

Regina Louise Books

She has written the following books;

  • Somebody’s Someone: A Memoir
  • Untitled Work # 2 Regina Louise
  • Someone Has Led This Child to Believe: A Memoir Regina Louise

Regina Louise Story

When Louise discharged her first book’s, “Someone,” in 2003, she was set for a recount to the tale of a poor, mishandled and ignored African-American young lady whose lone wish was to discover love and having a place.

The journal of her initial beginnings, and extreme exit from childcare without permanency — regardless of a white lady approaching to receive her at a certain point — is shocking. That awfulness is progressively significant when discovering that Louise’s potential receptive mother, Jeanne Kerr, was told she couldn’t receive Louise, a dark kid since she was white.

The account of Louise’s youth and her significant delight when she was brought together with the lady who had needed to embrace her is the ideal plot for a TV film. This is actually what Louise has worked for since keeping in touch with her first book and what she’ll see happen as intended when her story, “I Am Somebody’s Child: The Regina Louise Story” debuts on Lifetime April 20 at 8 p.m. EST.

“I basically shepherded this task for a long time,” Louise said. “I need individuals to perceive Regina due to the expectation she needed from every other person.”

The film is the most current social mindfulness crusade for the system that circulated the docu-arrangement “Enduring R Kelly” prior this year, sparking light on brutality against ladies. With “I Am Somebody’s Child” the system will give data about appropriation and childcare during the debut and plans different occasions to bring issues to light about reception and childcare.

Louise will give a keynote address alongside a screening of the new film during a private occasion with Texas’ Promise House to raise assets for destitute youth. By utilizing her voice and through this film, Louise says she expectation individuals remember “she turned into the desire for herself. Her feeling of the individual organization was relatively revolutionary.”

That individual office has brought Louise to where she is today, writer of two books, including her subsequent diary, “Somebody has Led This Child to Believe,” which was discharged a year ago. She’s carried her story to a significant TV station and spent the most recent decade achieving lone wolf’s and graduate degrees and moving past the hurt and agony of her initial years.”

For 22 years, I have been on a self-improvement venture, Louise said. “The more I recover my entitlement to my humankind, the more grounded my feeling of self-esteem moves toward becoming.”

Some portion of that procedure has been rejoining with Kerr, who concluded the selection of Louise in 2003 that the two had needed such a significant number of years prior. The gathering with Jeanne Kerr was everything the young lady in Louise ever longed for — to be cherished profoundly and unconditionally.

The two even lived respectively for a period, yet similarly, as with all mother-little girl connections, Louise says the connection between the two has changed, permitting them more space as people and the chance to standardize their relationship.

“The more grounded my feeling of self-esteem turns into, the less reliant and mutually dependent I am on her,” Louise said. “I’m thankful, yet now, as in pre-adulthood, I need to dispatch.”

Regardless of whether it’s in association with Kerr or others, Louise said there are times her youth history makes it trying to acknowledge the supporting and be near individuals.

“Right up ’til today, the injury of not having a place lives in me in an instinctive way,” Louise said. “Despite everything I keep running in my own specific manner if individuals get excessively close.”

Presently that the film — which stars entertainer Ginnifer Goodwin as Kerr and Angela Fairley as Louise — is finished, Louise is moving her concentration to another self-awareness book for others battling to get themselves. She’ll transform her work into helping other people, much like she needed to without anyone else venture.

“Where is where we show youngsters in childcare to remain in their respect?” Louise said. “I need individuals to see my character’s respect. I can mirror, model and amplify.”

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