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Ken Smith Biography

Ken Smith is an American journalist working as a traffic reporter for FOX 5 News. During his extra time, Ken appreciates investing energy with companions, hitting club buffets, taking in a Vegas appear, venturing out to the place where he grew up to see the family and, once in a while, making a showing of bingo.

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Ken Smith FOX 5 News

Ken has served inhabitants of Southern Nevada, USA, since 2007, flying in a news helicopter for the greater part of those prior years landing one final time at FOX5. Presently, he’s keeping his feet immovably planted on the ground, while staying up with the latest on mishaps, delays and the unending number of development ventures.

Ken Smith

Ken Smith

Ken was selected for an Emmy for his 2013 inclusion of the Las Vegas Strip shooting and wants to bring his one of a kind “Vegas-style” of announcing traffic. His preferred piece of detailing is serving the network and simply acting naturally on air.

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Article by Ken Smith

Ken Smith’s Diary: What’s the odds? Bet on it; Best served cold

THE death of ebullient former TV racing tipster John McCririck reminds us of when he was hired to make a cameo appearance in the Scottish comedy series Still Game.

John arrived for filming at a race day at Lingfield Park, looked around, and declared there were not enough punters there to make it look busy and suggested they go for lunch first. After a very long and very enjoyable lunch – courtesy of the BBC of course – John finally agreed there was enough of a crowd and went out to be filmed.

Bet on it

AND reader Gerry MacKenzie tells us: “A good few years back John turned up in Milngavie town center to do the opening honors for a new branch of one of the big, national bookmaker’s chains.

He regaled the assembled punters with amusing stories, cut the tape and then advised them to stash every penny they had in their possession on a nag he named, due to race in 20 minutes time. He assured them it was a ‘dead cert’. The punters did so. The nag coasted it. The new manager was sick as the proverbial parrot.”

Best served cold

ENJOYING the Wimbledon coverage? As our old colleague Ruth Wishart commented: “One of the penalties of watching Wimbledon in Scotland is seeing folk in sundresses whilst idly wondering whether you can justify putting the heating on for an hour or two.”

Spaced out

EXPECT much coverage of the 50th anniversary of the first manned moon landing. David Watson in Cumbernauld says: “As an electrical engineering undergraduate I was fortunate to be at the BBC technical training establishment in Evesham which was taking a continuous feed from the spacecraft to every TV in the college.

A huge effort was made by staff to help get the history-making pictures to us and to explain the data such as the best estimates of where they were in space.

“Shame therefore that when Armstrong touched down in the middle of the night with less than 20 seconds of fuel remaining and stepped onto the Moon several missed it as they were lying face down drunk in the lecture theatre.”

Any other moon landing tales?


MENUS are becoming more complicated these days because of food allergies. Says Maggie Craig: “Sat down to dinner at a very nice hotel in Falkirk.

Spotted on the menu, ‘Traditional Steak Pie (gluten-free with no pastry.)’ Me: ‘No pastry? It’s not a pie then, is it?’ Waitress, ‘No, I suppose not’.”

Invitation only

GROWING old, continued. Says a Newton Mearns reader: “Please don’t ask me what I’m doing this weekend without first making it clear whether or not you’re going to invite me to something that I’m going to have to make up a lie to get out of.”


OUR tales of workplace lunches remind Robin Mather in Musselburgh: “Years ago I was working in a large office in Glasgow and took lunch in the canteen where there was much banter with the waitress.

On one occasion I had eaten the main course and was about to start on my ice cream when the waitress delivered the main course to my neighbor with brussels sprouts which I had not been given. I accused her of favoritism.

She reappeared a few seconds later and plonked a bowl of brussels sprouts in front of me. I would just like to advise readers that sprouts and ice cream is not the culinary delight it’s cracked up to be.”

What a tube

OUR favorite social media comment at the weekend was the chap who declared: “Just saw some idiot at the gym put a water bottle in the Pringles holder on the treadmill.”

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