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Kathy Walsh Biography

Kathy Walsh is an American anchor working at CBS4 as the weekend broadcasts anchor. She attended the University of Salaware and graduated with a B.A in communications.

Kathy is hard-working, confident and competent. But she admits stories of human loss tug at her heartstrings and can be the most difficult part of her job. She is a member of the Women’s Forum of Colorado. She is also a volunteer at St. Mary’s Academy.

Here are some facts about Kathy Walsh;

Position: Health Specialist, Reporter
Year hired: 1984
Alma Mater: University of Delaware
Most memorable interview: Seinfeld
Dream interview: The Beatles
Role model: Morgan (answer provided by Kathy’s daughter, Morgan)
Dream job: Actress on Broadway
The job you would never attempt: Soldier
Star sign: Sagittarius
First TV appearance: June 1978, Bangor, Maine
First story: Refurbishing the Paul Bunyan Statue
Favorite story: The Pope’s visit to Denver
Why I am a journalist: I’m nosy and love to tell stories
Hidden talent: Yet to be determined
Hometown: Plainfield, New Jersey
Number of children: Three
Hobbies: Shopping, reading
Favorite food: Chocolate
Favorite musician: Bruce Springsteen
Number of siblings: Three
Number of pets: Two adorable dogs
Favorite sports team: Any team my children are on
Favorite author: J.K. Rowling
Favorite vacation spot: Beaver Creek
What one word best describes CBS4: Entertaining
Least favorite household chore: Ironing (answer provided by Kathy’s daughter)
Favorite word: Vacation! (answer provided by Kathy’s daughter)
Least favorite words: Mom, please? (answer provided by Kathy’s daughter)
Favorite noise: Silence (when my kids are out of the house) (answer provided by Kathy’s daughter)
Least favorite noise: Daughter Erin singing (answer provided by Kathy’s other daughter)
What keeps you in Colorado? The ocean (answer provided by Kathy’s daughter)
What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken? Driving with my 15-year-old daughter (answer provided by Kathy’s daughter, yes the 15-year-old)
Who would play you in a movie? Pamela Anderson (answer provided by Kathy’s daughter)

Kathy Walsh Age

Information about her age will be updated soon.

Kathy Walsh

Kathy Walsh

Kathy Walsh Husband

She is married and she has 3 children.

Kathy Walsh Career | Kathy Walsh CBS4

Kathy Walsh and CBS4 go connected at the hip, considering Kathy has been a piece of the group since 1984. She began at CBS4 as the columnist for the 10 p.m. news. Presently, she stays at the end of the week communicates at both 5 and 10 p.m. also, covers an assortment of issues as a general task journalist.

The high caliber of work done at CBS4 first brought Kathy to Denver. That high caliber has kept her here. Kathy has secured everything from an incredible torrential slide in Breckenridge to the establishment of a Cardinal in Rome.

Kathy experienced childhood in Plainfield, New Jersey. She graduated with distinction from the University of Delaware with a B.A. in Communications. She immediately propelled her profession in communicating as a stay/journalist/maker/picture taker and editorial manager at WVII-TV in Bangor, Maine.

She has filled in as a columnist at both WSMV-TV in Nashville and WXYZ-TV in Detroit. Kathy’s work has been singled out with various honors. She won both an Emmy and a territorial honor from the Radio and Television News Directors Association for her arrangement “Living in Limbo” … the tale of one man’s battle to endure a bone marrow transplant.

She has additionally won honors from the Associated Press and the Colorado Broadcasters Association. Kathy is dedicated, sure and skillful. In any case, she concedes, accounts of human misfortune pull at her heartstrings and can be the most troublesome an aspect of her responsibilities.

Kathy is hitched with three youngsters. She and her significant other love Denver for its cordial, smart network and are dynamic outside of work. Kathy is an individual from the Women’s Forum of Colorado, an emcee at numerous magnanimous capacities and a volunteer at St. Mary’s Academy.

Away from the camera, Kathy loosens up by shopping, perusing and the majority of all, making the most of her family and companions. Her main objective is to bring up cheerful, solid, cherishing youngsters and to have a great time at every turn.

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CBS4’s Walsh Named Finalist In DIA Voice Contest

Article by Kathy

Teens, Parents Use PSAs To Tackle Youth Vaping Epidemic

Source; denver.cbslocal.com

Some Colorado teenagers and parents are taking to the airwaves to fight the youth vaping epidemic. In a series of public service announcements, they are highlighting the risk of nicotine addiction.

It is part of the Tobacco-Free 303 campaign to educate the community about the dangers of vaping. The hope is that teens hearing from peers will make a bigger impact and adults explaining the problem will be a wake-up call to parents.

Teen vaping is skyrocketing. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report shows Colorado is number one among 37 surveyed states.

“In Douglas County school district, one in two high school seniors are using vape products,” said Taylor Roberts, Tobacco Free 303 spokesman, and Chronic Disease Prevention Coordinator at Tri-County Health Department.

“I see a ton of kids using them in class, bathrooms, just in school in general,” said Chris Hoerler, a freshman at Thunder Ridge High School in Douglas County.

His sister, Abby, is a junior.

“A lot of teenagers don’t realize how addicting it is to them,” Abby told CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh.

The Hoerlers are part of the Douglas County Youth Leader Board. With their mother, Adrienne, fighting youth vaping has become a family affair.

“A couple of years ago, I knew nothing,” said Adrienne.

Now the Hoerlers are educating the public about the dangers of vaping by appearing in PSAs.

They deliver lines like “High school is hard” and “I sent an embarrassing Snapchat to the person I like.”

The teens talk about stresses other teens can relate to and they encourage kids who vape to quit.

“But no matter how messy life is, at least I don’t have a nicotine addiction to a flash drive,” says a teen in one of the PSAs.

Parents explain the seriousness.

“One vape pod can have as much nicotine as 20 cigarettes,” said a woman in another PSA.

Roberts of Tri-County Health hopes the PSA’s shift the discussion, “…away from ‘This is a problem’ to ‘We can find a solution.’”

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