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Kathryn Harrold Biography | Kathryn Harrold Bio

Kathryn Harrold is an American counselor and also a retired film actress. She was born on August 2nd, 1950 in Tazewell, Virginia. 

She is the daughter of B.H and Carolyn Harrold. She went to Tazewell High School and Mills College located in Oakland, California where she majored in drama. She was the leading lady in the 1980 movie, The Hunter.

She then played the role of the leading lady again in the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action movie, Raw Deal, in 1986. She made appearances in various movies including; Nightwing in 1979, The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper in 1981, the cult horror film The Sender in 1982, and co-starred with Luciano Pavarotti in Yes, Giorgio back in 1982.

She then portrayed Albert Brook’s ex-girlfriend in Modern Romance in 1981. She then joined The Doctors TV Show from 1976-1977 and was replaced by Kathleen Turner. In the Rockford Files, she portrayed a blind psychiatrist from 1978-1979. She also had some leading roles in different TV Shows in the 1990s. In the late ’90s, she was in the CBS drama, Chicago Hope, and also CSI: New York.

Kathryn Harrold Age

She was born on August 2nd, 1950 in Tazewell, Virginia.  She is 68 years old as of 2018.

Kathryn Harrold And Lawrence O’Donnell | Kathryn Harrold Husband

She got married to Lawrence O’Donnell on February 14th, 1994 and they have one daughter together. They however divorced in 1999.

Kathryn Harrold Daughter

She has a daughter with Lawrence O’Donnell, Elizabeth Buckley Harrold O’Donnell.

Kathryn Harrold Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $ 24 million.

Kathryn Harrold Acting Career

Harrold was Steve McQueen’s driving woman in the screen legend’s last film, The Hunter (1980), and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s driving woman in the activity vehicle Raw Deal (1986). She showed up in Nightwing (1979), The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper (1981), the faction thriller The Sender (1982), and co-featured with Luciano Pavarotti in Yes, Giorgio (1982).

Harrold featured in Modern Romance (1981) as the ex of Albert Brooks’ character. Harrold additionally had a supporting job in Into the Night (1985), an activity/tension movie coordinated by John Landis, as Paul Mazursky’s character’s better half.

Harrold started her TV profession playing Nola Dancy Aldrich on the NBC daytime drama The Doctors from 1976 to 1977. After she left the show, her substitution was Kathleen Turner. In 1978-9 she played a visually impaired specialist in a few scenes of The Rockford Files, with whom Rockford was enamored.

During the 1980s, she had the main jobs in the fleeting shows: MacGruder and Loud (1985) created by Aaron Spelling, and The Bronx Zoo (1987–88) inverse Ed Asner. From 1991 to 1993, she co-featured close by Regina Taylor and Sam Waterston in the NBC time frame show, I’ll Fly Away. She later was a standard cast part on The Larry Sanders Show, playing Francine Sanders.

During her vocation, she showed up in a few made for TV motion pictures, most prominently Women dressed in White (1979), Vampire (1979), and Bogie (1980), in which she played motion picture legend, Lauren Bacall, purportedly against Bacall’s desires, and the HBO film Dead Solid Perfect (1988) in a main job, inverse Randy Quaid.

She additionally featured in Man Against the Mob (1988) with George Peppard, publicized on NBC as a TV motion picture. In the late 1990s, she had the repetitive job in the CBS restorative show, Chicago Hope, and the next year’s visitor featured on The Practice, Judging Amy, CSI: NY, and Desperate Housewives.

Kathryn Harrold Image | Kathryn Harrold Photos | Kathryn Harrold Pictures

Kathryn Harrold

Kathryn Harrold

Kathryn Harrold LMFT | Kathryn Harrold MFT | Kathryn Harrold Therapist

She is a trained family and marriage therapist. Visit her official website by CLICKING HERE.

Kathryn Harrold Movies

  • Nightwing (1979) – Anne Dillon
  • Vampire (1979, TV Movie) – Leslie Rawlins
  • The Hunter (1980) – Dotty
  • Modern Romance (1981) – Mary Harvard
  • The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper (1981) – Hannah
  • Yes, Giorgio (1982) – Pamela Taylor
  • The Sender (1982) – Gail Farmer
  • Heartbreakers (1984) – Cyd
  • The Best Legs in the Eighth Grade (1984, TV Movie) – Leslie Applegate
  • Into the Night (1985) – Christie
  • Raw Deal (1986) – Monique
  • Someone to Love (1987) – Attendee / Kathryn
  • Man Against the Mob (1988, TV Movie) – Marilyn Butler
  • Dead Solid Perfect (1988, TV Movie) – Beverly T. Lee
  • Deadly Desire (1991, TV Movie) – Angela
  • Outrage (1998, TV Movie) – Deena Bateman

Kathryn Harrold Raw Deal

She played the character role of Monique in 1986. When efforts to prosecute mob boss Luigi Patrovita (Sam Wanamaker) are repeatedly derailed thanks to a mole in the FBI, the only choice is to bring in an outsider — specifically, Mark Kaminsky (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a disgraced agent who leaps at a chance for reinstatement.

After FBI chief Shannon (Darren McGavin) gives him his orders, Kaminsky fakes his death and reemerges as an ex-con named Brenner. Undercover and accountable to no one, the former Fed tears up the mob from the inside.

Initial release: 6 June 1986
Director: John Irvin
Budget: 8.5 million USD
Screenplay: Gary DeVore, Norman Wexler
Music composed by Tom Bahler, Albhy Galuten, Chris Boardman

Kathryn Harrold Modern Romance

She portrayed Mary Harvard in 1981. A film editor (Albert Brooks) breaks up and makes up with his girlfriend (Kathryn Harrold), unsure if he is in love.

Initial release: 13 March 1981 (USA)
Director: Albert Brooks
Editor: David Finfer
Box office: 2.864 million USD
Screenplay: Albert Brooks, Monica Johnson

Kathryn Harrold Rockford Files

She was the blind psychiatrist in this TV series.  Jim Rockford is an ex-con and private detective. He was falsely convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, but that doesn’t stop him from using his ex-con buddies to help him solve crimes. Nothing comes easy for Rockford, but he works hard and usually gets shot at or beat up at least once per episode.

First episode date: 27 March 1974
Final episode date: 10 January 1980
Theme song: The Rockford Files
Network: NBC

Kathryn Harrold Deadly Desire

She portrayed Angela in this 1991 movie. A security man (Jack Scalia) is seduced and duped by the wife (Kathryn Harrold) of a businessman (Will Patton) he mistakes one night for a prowler.

Initial release: 29 January 1991
Director: Charles Correll
Original network: USA Network
Music composed by Nan Schwartz
Producer: Vanessa Greene

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