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Jinkx Monsoon Biography

Jerick Hoffer best known as Jinkx Monsoon is an American drag performer, actor, comedian and singer. Jerick was born on September 18th, 1987 in Portland, Oregon.

Jinkx’s first performance was at the all-ages Escape Night Club when he was just 16 years old. Jerick was brought up in a catholic family and is of Russian-Jewish descent. The Jinkx character is Jewish as a way of reconnecting with his past. Jerick is known to suffer from narcolepsy. Jerick graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2010 with a BFA and was working as a janitor. By that time, they had been living in Seattle, Washington.

Jinkx Monsoon Age

Jerick was born on September 18th, 1987 in Portland, Oregon. Jinkx is 31 years old as of 2018.

Jinkx Monsoon Boyfriend

He is openly gay and is still single with no ties to anyone.

Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx Monsoon Narcolepsy

He suffers from Narcolepsy which is a long time neurological disorder where there is a decreased ability to regulate sleep-wake cycles.

Ivy Winters And Jinkx Monsoon | Jinkx Monsoon Ivy Winters | Jinkx Monsoon And Ivy Winters | Ivy Winters And Jinkx Monsoon Relationship

The two are just friends and actually star in Ricky Middlesworth’s ‘Death Becomes Her’. There were allegations that the two were dating but this turned out to be just rumors.

Jinkx Monsoon Drag Race

In the wake of moving to Seattle from Portland, Hoffer and imaginative accomplice Nick Sahoyah composed and featured in various Funny or Die webisodes titled Monsoon Season in which they played Jinkx Monsoon as a domineering, substance befuddled, close crazy mother to Nick Sahoyah’s character, Kamikaze Monsoon.

In 2011, Monsoon showed up in the Wes Hurley film Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel. On February 28, 2013, the main screening at Seattle’s Central Cinema was facilitated by Monsoon and Waxie Moon.

In January 2012, Hoffer showed up as Moritz in the stone melodic Spring Awakening at the Balagan Theater in Seattle. Discussion emerged from The Seattle Times audit by Misha Berson, who said that Hoffer was “excessively ostentatious” for the job. Dan Savage safeguarded Hoffer’s depiction of Moritz. From July 21 to August 19, Hoffer featured as Angel in the Fifth Avenue Theater’s creation of the melodic RENT.

In January 2013, Hoffer played Hedwig in the Moore Theater’s generation of the stone melodic Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Balagan repeated the generation in December 2013 for seven days in length keep running with Hoffer and the first cast/creation group.

In June 2013, Hoffer played Velma Von Tussle in the Seattle Men’s Chorus/fifth Avenue Theater’s creation of the melodic Hairspray. This was a restricted run arranged perusing/show of the melodic with outfits and constrained props yet no sets or expand the movement and highlighted the Seattle Men’s Chorus in front of an audience with the cast.

Hoffer likewise executes as Jinkx Monsoon in the first one-act men’s club melodic The Vaudevillians under the name “Kitty Witless.” Hoffer is joined by a melodic accomplice and co-maker Richard Andriessen, who performs under the name “Dr. Dan Von Dandy.”

The Vaudevillians performed at the Laurie Beechman Theater in New York City from July to November 2013. In the wake of visiting Australia with The Vaudevillians, Hoffer got an assignment for the Helpmann Award for Best Cabaret Performer.

In 2013 Hoffer was picked as one of the Artists of the Year by City Arts Magazine alongside Megan Griffiths, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Wes Hurley. Hoffer played Tallulah/Dennis, the proprietor of Lipstick Lounge in a scene of Blue Bloods entitled “Manhattan Queens”, which broadcast on January 31, 2014.

In December 2014, an enlivened variant of Hoffer showed up in the “RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dragopolis 2.0” portable application. In 2015 Hoffer joined the cast of Wes Hurley’s hit parody arrangement Capitol Hill.

In June 2011, Hoffer ended up subject to a YouTube docu-arrangement by Alex Berry, a Seattle videographer. Named after Death Becomes Her, one of Jinkx’s preferred motion pictures, Drag Becomes Him investigates Hoffer’s life all through drag. The arrangement has proceeded since the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race and will offer knowledge into their life since the show.

In October 2013 it was declared that Drag Becomes Him was being transformed into a full-length film with Seattle-put together maker Basil Shadid with respect to the board. A Kickstarter battle in March 2014 effectively raised assets to finish the task. Walk 26, 2015 Hoffer declared on their Instagram page that the film will debut at the Cinerama in Seattle on April 29, 2015.

In November 2012, Logo reported that Jinkx Monsoon was among fourteen drag rulers who might contend on the fifth period of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Hoffer was propelled to try out in the wake of seeing Sharon Needles, another high-idea, character-driven drag ruler, on the fourth period of the show. Storm won the primary difficulties for the scenes “Grab Game” and “Show Queens.”

For the “Grab Game,” Monsoon mimicked Edith Bouvier Beale. Rainstorm likewise imitated third-season competitor Mimi Imfurst in the scene “Lip Synch Extravaganza Eleganza.” As a component of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Monsoon sang on the “We Are the World”- propelled tune “Would I be able to get an Amen?” The melody’s returns helped advantage the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. Rainstorm won RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5.

Jinkx Monsoon Songs

Studio Albums

  • The Ginger Snapped
  • The Inevitable Album

Remix Albums

  • ReAnimated

Commentary Albums

  • The Inevitable Commentary Album


  • “Cartoons and Vodka”
  • “Hold On JMX (GlitterMix)”
  • (featuring Jean Morisoon)
  • “The Bacon Shake”
    (featuring Fred Schneider)
  • “Coffee & Wine”

Featured Singles

  • “Bring It”
    (Manila Luzon featuring Jinkx Monsoon)
  • “Schizophrenic”
    (Two Dudes in Love featuring Jinkx Monsoon)
  • “Can I Get an Amen?”
    (RuPaul featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 Cast)

Other Appearances

  • “Jingle Bell Rock”
  • “The Auld Lang Syne Song”
  • “Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah”
  • “Passive Aggressive Christmas”
  • “Red & Green”

Music Videos

  • “She Evil”
  • “Just Me (The Gender Binary Blues)”
  • “Cartoons & Vodka”
  • “Red & Green”
  • “Hold On JMX (GlitterMix)”
  • “Creep”
  • “The Bacon Shake”
  • “Coffee & Wine”
  • “Jinkxalicious”

Jinkx Monsoon Movies


  • Drag Becomes Him
  • East of Adin
  • Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel


  • Bravest Warriors
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race
  • Mighty Magiswords
  • Steven Universe
  • Blue Bloods
  • NewNowNext Awards
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked

Web Series

  • Capitol Hill
  • 31 Days of Jinkx
  • Drag Becomes Him
  • Monsoon Season


  • Hairspray
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • Spring Awakening
  • Rent
  • The Threepenny Opera
  • Turning Parlor Tricks
  • Henry V
  • Red Ranger Came Calling

Jinkx Monsoon RuPaul

The announcement of him joining Drag Race was made by Logo on November 2012. He was amongst 14 drag queens who were to compete in the 5th season. He got inspired by Sharon Needles from season 4 of the Drag Race and he decided to audition for the competition/show. He actually won the main challenges, that is, the episodes, snatch game and drama queens.

In Snatch Games, he portrayed Edith Bouvier Beale and also in the 3rd season she did portray Mimi Imfurst in the episode, Lip Synch Extravaganza Eleganza. She sang the song, can I get an Amen which was inspired by We Are the World as part of the competition. The money from the song benefited Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. He went on to win RuPaul Drag Race season 5.

Jinkx Monsoon Tour

MAR 12
MAR 23
The Ginger Snapped: Jinkx Monsoon, Major Scales
Leicester Square Theatre

The Ginger Snapped: Jinkx Monsoon, Major Scales
The Dukes

MAR 28
MAR 30
The Ginger Snapped: Jinkx Monsoon, Major Scales

APRIL 2019

The Ginger Snapped: Jinkx Monsoon, Major Scales
The Dukes

MAY 2019

MAY 29

JUN 01
Peaches Christ’s Drag Becomes Her: Jinkx Monsoon, BenDeLaCreme…
Major Scales
Leicester Square Theatre

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