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Greg Mathis Biography

Greg Mathis is an American retired Michigan 36th District Court Judge who later turned into an arbiter of the award-winning courtroom show, Judge Mathis was born on April 5th, 1960 in Detroit, Michigan.

His father, Charles Mathis, was married to Alice Lee and they had 4 children. Alice divorced Charles and she raised Gregory alone in Detroit. Mathis joined the Detroit Street Gang when he was still a teenager and was arrested several times. Mathis was put in jail but later offered early probation after his mother was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Out of jail, Mathis worked at McDonald’s and later a friend helped him and he was admitted to Eastern Michigan University. This is where he discovered his interest in politics and public administration. He became an activist in school as a member of the Democratic party and he graduated with a bachelors degree in Public Administration from the Ypsilanti campus.

His program, Judge Mathis was produced in Chicago, Illinois and it has been on air since September 13th, 1999. It reached its 20th season anniversary on 3rd September 2018. From his name in this show, he has become very important to the community and he is now a leader within the Black American Community as a Black-Culture Motivational Speaker.

Mathis is the longest-reigning Africa American presiding as a court show judge after Judge Joe Brown whose program lasted for only 15 seasons.

Greg Mathis

Greg Mathis Age

Gregory Mathis is a retired Michigan 36th District Court Judge who later turned into an arbiter of the award-winning courtroom show, Judge Mathis was born on April 5th, 1960 in Detroit, Michigan. He is 58 years old as of 2018.

Greg Mathis Family

Greg Mathis is the son of  Charles Mathis and Alice Lee Mathis. Greg was the 4th son of this couple and he has 3 other siblings.

Greg Mathis Relationship| Wife| Spouse| Children

Greg met his wife while he was still in the university shortly after his mother’s death. Greg married Linda and the two have four children; daughters Jade and Camara, two sons, Greg Jr and Amir.

Greg Mathis Education

Once out of prison, Mathis started working at McDonald’s, a vocation he expected to maintain in control to keep up his discharge on post-trial supervision. A nearby family companion encouraged Mathis to get admitted to Eastern Michigan University, and he found another enthusiasm for legislative issues and open organization.

He turned into a grounds dissident and worked for the Democratic Party, sorting out a few shows against South African Apartheid strategies. He graduated with a B.S. in Public Administration from the Ypsilanti grounds and started to look for work in Detroit’s City Hall. He additionally turned into an individual from Alpha Phi Alpha organization.

Greg Mathis Networth

He has an estimated net worth of around $20 million.

Greg Mathis Career

After graduating from Law school, Greg was denied a license to practice law because of his criminal past. He later received his J.D in 1987 from the University of Detroit Mercy. He was the youngest person to ever be elected as a judge for Michigan’s 36th District in 1995.

He began as an unpaid intern where he was promoted to become the assistant to Clyde Cleveland who was a city council member. Mathis took the LSAT and applied for law school where he was admitted to the University of Detroit School of Law.

In 1988, Greg was appointed the head of Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign in Michigan state and he later became head of Mayor Coleman Young’s re-election campaign. After Coleman won the elections, Greg was appointed to run East Side City Hall.

Greg was recently invited to join the Obama Administration and be part of “my brother’s keeper”, an initiative to empower boys. In September 2008, Mathis wrote a book, Street Judge, that was based on a true life story of a judge who solves murder cases. Mathis wrote another book, Of Being a Judge to Criminals and Such. Greg has remained devoted to helping families in the Herman Gardens.

Mathis Twitter

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