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Dan Sullivan(Author) Biography

Dan Sullivan is the organizer and leader of Strategic Coach Inc. A visionary, a trailblazer, and a skilled theoretical scholar, Dan has more than 35 years’ understanding as a profoundly respected speaker, expert, key organizer, and mentor to innovative people and gatherings.

Dan’s solid confidence in and responsibility to the intensity of the business visionary is apparent in every aspect of Strategic Coach® and its fruitful instructing program, which attempts to enable business visionaries to arrive at their maximum capacity in both their business and individual lives.

He is the creator of more than 30 distributions, including The Great Crossover, The 21st Century Agent, Creative Destruction, and How The Best Get Better®. He is co-creator of The Laws of Lifetime Growth and The Advisor Century.

Dan is hitched to Babs Smith, his accomplice in business and throughout everyday life. They together claim and work The Strategic Coach Inc., with workplaces in Toronto, Chicago, and the U.K. New workshops are likewise being held in Los Angeles and Vancouver. Dan and Babs dwell in Toronto.

Dan Sullivan Strategic Coach

Dan Sullivan Strategic Coach

Dan Sullivan(Author) Age

Information about his birthplace and age will be updated soon. He was born in the USA.

Dan Sullivan(Author) Wife

Dan is hitched to Babs Smith, his accomplice in business and throughout everyday life. They together claim and work The Strategic Coach Inc.

Dan Sullivan Strategic Coach-Net Worth

His estimated net worth is still under review but from his books and business, it is well above $ 1 million.

Dan Sullivan Books | Dan Sullivan Strategic Coach Books | Dan Sullivan Coach Books

Here is a list of his books;

  • The Laws of Lifetime Growth: Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past
  • How the Best Get Better
  • The 80% Approach
  • The Dan Sullivan Question: Ask it and Transform Anyone’s Future
  • The 21st Century Agent
  • Unique Process Advisors
  • My Plan For Living To 156: Imaginatively Extend Your Lifetime to Transform How You Live in the Present
  • Unique Ability : Creating the Life You Want
  • The Gap And The Gain
  • Industry Transformers
  • The Advisor Century: Value Creation in an Entrepreneurial Society
  • The 10x Mind Expander
  • Procrastination Priority
  • The Self-Managing Company
  • The Great Crossover: Personal Confidence in the Age of the Microchip
  • The 25-Year Framework
  • Ambition Scorecard
  • The 4 C’s Formula
  • Never Own Anything That Eats While You Sleep
  • The Time Breakthrough : Transforming Time from a Quantity to a Quality
  • NoSQL for Mere Mortals
  • The Mindset Scorecard
  • Quotable 10x
  • Your Life As A Strategy Circle
  • The ABC Model Breakthrough
  • The Good That Financial Advisors Do
  • Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide
  • Wanting What You Want
  • Pure Genius: Dan Sullivan’s Lifetime Focusing System for Total Self-Mastery
  • The D.O.S. Conversation [kit]: a Breakthrough Method for Creating Unique Value in Every Sales and Consulting Opportunity
  • Focusing Your Unique Ability [kit]
  • The Book Breakthrough: Using the Impact Filter to Structure a Book in Less Than 60 Minutes
  • The Producer Group Future
  • Who Do You Want To Be A Hero To? Answer Just One Question and Clarify who You Can Always be
  • Extraordinary Impact Filter
  • New York to Montana
  • More Wit and Wisdom of Only Fools and Horses
  • Official Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Study Guide
  • The Official Only Fools and Horses Quiz Book
  • The Game Changer
  • Free Zone Frontier: Achieving Competition-free Growth and Profit
  • Learning to Avoid the Gap: The Skill of Building Lifetime Happiness
  • The Strategic Goal Tracker
  • The 21-Day Positive Focus: The Lifetime Habit of Protecting Your Confidence
  • Plight of the Princess
  • Proven Portals: Best Practices for Planning, Designing, and Developing Enterprise Portals
  • A Developer’s Guide to SQL Server 2005
  • Angels from the Valley: Sometimes Even Angels Have to Cry
  • The Lay Apostolate By A Layman
  • Document Warehousing and Text Mining
  • The Definitive Guide to Cloud Computing

Dan Sullivan Coach | Dan Sullivan Strategic Coach

The Strategic Coach® Signature Program is planned as an all-out emotionally supportive network for any fruitful business person with their sights set on “sky’s-the-limit” development and the opportunity to make the sort of lavishly fulfilling life they longed for when they settled on the choice to turn into a business visionary.

Any entrepreneur who’s come to us for business visionary training will disclose to you that the Program is definitely not a convenient solution. It’s a transformational change that expands on all that you’ve achieved up until this point — and another perspective that will be your establishment for all that you do going ahead.

The Strategic Coach is about you and your development. You settle on your most significant objectives and on your course of action. We give the structure, instruments, and bolster that gives you another point of view on your business and a crisp perspective — and keep you on track to transform your objectives into the real world.

Here’s how that happens;

  1. Your four quarterly workshops with your mentor and a network of similarly invested companions are an uncommon chance to get outside every day of your business to a spot where huge aspirations and dreams are typical.
  2. At every workshop, you’ll have a lot of time to concentrate on and strategize what’s most squeezing in your business at the present time — and get target input from your mentor and the other effective business visionaries in the room. Crisp points of view and achievement bits of knowledge are inescapable, making it a mind-extending, invigorating day.
  3. By the day’s end, you’ll leave furnished with new reasoning and devices PLUS an arrangement with organized, solid activity ventures for the following 90 days to impart to your group. New thoughts are invigorating, no uncertainty, however, it’s the lucidity about the activity steps required that complete thing.
  4. Quarter by quarter, you change the manner in which you get things done, the manner in which you think, and the manner in which you see yourself and your business. Your outcomes improve, your opportunity increments, and your chances extend.

Dan Sullivan Question | Dan Sullivan Question Book | Dan Sullivan 3 Year Question

Everybody today is contending with every other person to have the cleverest, most enticing “answer.” So, in reality, as we know it where everyone is rivaling their answers, how would you separate yourself from every other person?

With an inquiry.

The Dan Sullivan Question℠gives:

* The three things everybody needs.

* A prompt knowledge into the sort of relationship you could hope to have with a specific individual.

* A look into the different person’s future objectives, and the chance to be instrumental in getting them going.

Dan Sullivan Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting

Covers all parts of vehicle electrical ideas and issues. Extraordinary ordering makes finding the subject simple. Spreads voltage drops, meter use, battery testing. Starters, alternators, consumption shorts. Vehicle gadgets clarified.

Title Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting: Electricity Explained in a Way that Makes it Useful for Mechanics: a Textbook for Technicians
Author Dan Sullivan
Publisher Electronic Specialties, Incorporated
Length of 444 pages

Dan Sullivan 10x | Dan Sullivan Quotable 10x

The enterprising scene can be separated into the five percent who are acing 10x reasoning, and the 95 percent who are reluctant to think about that such a capacity is feasible for them. The five percent who focus on a lifetime of 10x development constantly extend their business and individual lives with ever-more prominent abilities, assets, openings, and accomplishments.

Quotable 10x is an assemblage of statements from Strategic Coach® president and author, Dan Sullivan, on the what and why of 10x speculation for business visionaries.

Print Length: 73 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: The Strategic Coach Inc. (September 4, 2012)
Publication Date: September 4, 2012
Language: English

Dan Sullivan Pure Genius

That is the test Dan Sullivan reaches out to the large number of business visionaries who go to his world-eminence Strategic Coach Progam. In this select workshops and counseling sessions, Sullivan uncovers tried and true rules that empower people to twofold, triple even fourfold their personal incomes.

All the more critically, they experience a significant change, centering the abilities that have brought them budgetary thriving on a freshly discovered responsibility to achieving accomplishment in all parts of their lives.

In PURE GENIUS, you also will figure out how to adequately apply the demonstrated ideas and strategies of life achievement that Sullivan imparts to the individuals from his tip-top program. This compact disc set incorporates 7 albums.

Dan Sullivan 25 Year Framework

Dan Sullivan tells you the best way to become your greater future by having an imaginative association with time.

Everybody whines about time accelerating, so we’ve accomplished something quick, simple, and easy to take care of this issue for business visionaries around the globe.

The 25-Year Framework is a solitary answer for many the most disturbing and vitality depleting time weights that plague the business and individual existence of even the best business visionaries and their groups. What’s surprisingly better, the change from “time shortage” to “time wealth” starts to happen in the hour it will take you to peruse this book.

Dan Sullivan 80 Approach

The 80% Approach is a transformative perspective and acting that wipes out the loss of motion of hairsplitting and hesitation. The human mind is equipped for phenomenal innovativeness and imaginativeness.

Simultaneously, it can neutralize itself in manners that leave numerous individuals feeling constantly regretful and disappointed notwithstanding living in a universe of extraordinary accomplishments.

With apparently everything on the planet to be hopeful about, numerous individuals are baffled and non-profitable all through quite a bit of their lives because of the loss of motion of hairsplitting and delaying that can influence us all.

In this little book, Dan Sullivan exhibits an amazingly straightforward idea and technique that, whenever aced, will successfully take out all compulsiveness and hesitation in your life on a persistent premise.

Dan Sullivan Quotes

  • “Questions are infinitely superior to answers.”
  • “Always make your future bigger than your past.”
  • “People who spend most of their time putting out fires are usually also the arsonists.”
  • “Wherever you are, make sure you’re there.”
  • “So in a world where everyone is competing with their answers, how do you differentiate yourself from everyone else? With a question.”
  • “If we were having this discussion three years from today, and you were looking back over those three years, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress? Specifically, what dangers do you have now that need to be eliminated, what opportunities need to be captured, and what strengths need to be maximized?”
  • “NoSQL databases emerged from unmet needs.”
  • “If we were having this discussion three years from today, and you were looking back over those three years, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?”
  • “Three great obstacles to progress: guilt, envy, and resentment.”
  • “If greatness is your goal, it can only be achieved today.”
  • “Specifically, what dangers do you have now that need to be eliminated, what opportunities need to be captured, and what strengths need to be maximized?”
  • “If you look at the estate planning industry today, the basic strategy begins with identifying the number of heirs. Why? To divide the estate up amongst as many heirs as possible, utilizing all the gift and transfer techniques. One of the first rules of war is to “divide and conquer.” And so, if I’m dividing the assets up, I’m setting that family up for failure. Our findings show that in all too many situations, traditional planning has done more to destroy families than taxes will ever do. Traditional estate planning operates around the four D’s: Divide the assets, defer those assets downstream as far as possible, then dump them on what most times are the ill-prepared heirs, and watch those ultimately dissipate. It’s been said that only two percent of family wealth ever makes it past the third generation. So I think that’s all you need to know about the effectiveness of traditional estate planning.”

How To Create A Self-Managing Company With Dan Sullivan

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