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Becky Wahlstrom Biography

Becky Wahlstrom is an American actress. She was born on April 25th, 1975 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

She lived in England during her college years. She is an active supporting, promoting and starring actor in regional theaters in Los Angeles.

Becky Wahlstrom Age

She was born on April 25th, 1975 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She is 44 years old as of 2019.

Becky Wahlstrom Husband

There are no available records showing her dating history.

Becky Wahlstrom

Becky Wahlstrom

Becky Wahlstrom Height

She is 1.64 M tall.

Becky Wahlstrom Career

Her credits to date incorporate visitor jobs in TV arrangement Star Trek: Enterprise, Charmed, Mad Men, NCIS, and Judging Amy, a few theater preparations, including Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and the stage adjustment of Ray Bradbury’s tale Fahrenheit 451, just as various minor film jobs.

Be that as it may, it was her normal supporting job as Grace Polk on the arrangement Joan of Arcadia, close by Amber Tamblyn, which has pulled in general consideration. She is additionally dynamic in supporting, advancing, and featuring in local performance center in the Los Angeles region.

Becky Wahlstrom Movies

Here is a list of movies and TV Shows she has acted;

Selected filmography

  • The Strip (2009)
  • Lucky 13 (2005)
  • The Opposite of Sex (1998)
  • Straight Talk (1992)

Television appearances

  • South of Hell (2015)
  • NCIS (2011)
  • Mad Men (2010)
  • Cold Case (2009)
  • Numb3rs (2009)
  • Saving Grace (2009)
  • Bones (2008)
  • Ghost Whisperer (2007)
  • Grey’s Anatomy (2007)
  • CSI (2006)
  • Joan of Arcadia (2003-2005)
  • Enterprise (2003)
  • Judging Amy (2003)
  • Charmed (2001-2002)

Becky Wahlstrom Star Trek

She has made notable appearances in this movie. The Enterprise crew encounters an alien species that relies on a third gender for its mating ritual; Trip takes matters into his own hands when he witnesses discrimination against the third gender.

Show: Star Trek: Enterprise
Season number: 2
Episode number: 22
Airdate: 30 April 2003
Previous episode: The Breach
Next episode: Regeneration

Becky Wahlstrom Grey’s Anatomy

The medical drama series focuses on a group of young doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, who began their careers at the facility as interns. One of the young doctors and the show’s namesake, Meredith Grey, is the daughter of a famous surgeon.

Grey struggles to maintain relationships with her colleagues, particularly the hospital’s one-time chief of surgery, Richard Webber, due to a pre-existing relationship between them – Webber and Meredith’s mother had a personal relationship when Meredith was young.

No. of episodes: 334 (list of episodes)
Theme song: Cosy in the Rocket
Spin-off: Private Practice

Becky Wahlstrom Joan of Arcadia

A drama about a typical family facing atypical situations — not the least of which is their teen daughter’s sudden, unexpected conversations with God, who pops up in such random forms as a cute boy or the school lunch lady.

When Joan prays to God to save her brother after a horrific car crash, God appears to Joan to remind her of that promise, and to give her various assignments that may not make much sense at the time, but always turn out to improve a bigger situation.

First episode date: 26 September 2003
Final episode date: 22 April 2005
Theme song: One of Us
No. of episodes: 45 (list of episodes)

Becky Wahlstrom Charmed

Mel and Maggie Vera suffer a shock when their mother dies suddenly, but before they have time to heal from their loss, another surprise shows up on their doorstep in the shape of an older sister — brilliant geneticist Macy — whom their mother never told them existed.

The emotional stress takes its toll and the girls begin to exhibit impossible new abilities. An explanation comes from an unexpected place: the new chair of the women’s studies department. Harry Greenwood reveals that the three are powerful witches, and he is their whitelighter, there to advise and guide them as they battle dark forces.

First episode date: 14 October 2018
Network: The CW Television Network
No. of episodes: 11 (list of episodes)
Production location: Vancouver

Becky Wahlstrom Brightburn

After a difficult struggle with fertility, Tori Breyer’s dreams of motherhood come true with the arrival of a mysterious baby boy. Brandon appears to be everything Tori and her husband, Kyle, ever wanted — bright, talented and curious about the world.

But as Brandon nears puberty, powerful darkness manifests within him, and Tori becomes consumed by terrible doubts about her son. Once Brandon begins to act on his twisted urges, those closest to him find themselves in grave danger.

Initial release: 9 May 2019 (Singapore)
Director: David Yarovesky
Box office: 32.9 million USD
Budget: $6–12 million
Producers: James Gunn, Kenneth Huang

Becky Wahlstrom South of Hell

Maria Abascal is a demon hunter who roams Charleston, South Carolina, in search of demonized people who she can exorcise. Maria is not just fighting evil in others, though, as she struggles with her own supernatural force, Abigail, who resides inside of her.

When Maria exorcises evil from others, Abigail feeds off of it. Although Maria and Abigail share a soul and a destiny, the host desperately tries to get rid of the monster. In the process, Maria discovers how far Abigail will go to remain a part of her.

First episode date: 27 November 2015
No. of episodes: 8 (list of episodes)
Network: We TV
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Southern Gothic, Occult Fiction

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