Athanasia (Athie) Livas Biography, Age, Education And Brett Kavanaugh


Athanasia (Athie) Livas Biography

Athanasia Livas (Athanasia (Athie) Livas) is an American lawyer from Yale University who is currently working as a clerk for Brett Kavanaugh.

Athanasia Livas Age

Information about her age will be updated soon.

Athanasia Livas Education

Athanasia (Athie) Livas attended The Johns Hopkins University where she graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Field Of StudyInternational Studies. She then went to Yale Law School and got her Juris Doctor (J.D.).

Athanasia (Athie) LivasExperience

Research Assistant
Company Name Yale Law School
Dates Employed Apr 2017 – Present
Employment Duration 2 yrs 4 mos
Location New Haven, CT

Athanasia (Athie) Livas

Athanasia (Athie) Livas

Company Name Cooper & Kirk PLLC
Dates Employed May 2017 – Aug 2017
Employment Duration 4 mos
Location Washington D.C. Metro Area

Company Name Bancroft PLLC
Dates Employed May 2015 – May 2016
Employment Duration 1 yr 1 mo
Location Washington D.C. Metro Area

Lobbyist Intern; Director of the House of Delegates
Company Name Maryland Youth and Government Program
Dates Employed Sep 2012 – Aug 2015
Employment Duration3 yrs
Location Annapolis, MD

Judicial Intern, Office of the Counselor to the Chief Justice
Company Name Supreme Court of the United States
Dates Employed Dec 2014 – May 2015
Employment Duration 6 mos
Location Washington D.C. Metro Area

Fellow at the Hertog Political Studies Program
Company Name The Hertog Foundation
Dates Employed Jun 2014 – Aug 2014
Employment Duration 3 mos
Location Washington, DC

Johns Hopkins University Aitchison Fellow
Company Name The Aitchison Public Service Fellowship in Government
Dates Employed Aug 2013 – Dec 2013
Employment Duration 5 mos
Location Washington D.C. Metro Area

Congressional Intern
Company Name US House of Representatives
Dates Employed Aug 2013 – Dec 2013
Employment Duration 5 mos
Location Office of Congressman Andy Barr (KY-6)

Summer Legal Intern
Company Name Federal District Courthouse, Eastern District of Kentucky
Dates Employed May 2012 – Aug 2012
Employment Duration 4 mos

Office Assistant
Company Name Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology PSC
Dates Employed May 2008 – Aug 2012
Employment Duration 4 yrs 4 mos

Athanasia (Athie) Livas Instagram

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Kavanaugh Hires a Law Clerk Who Publicly Declared Her Support During Confirmation Hearings

Oops, he did it again.

Beer enthusiast and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh just hired another Yale grad, who coincidentally also was a public Kavanaugh endorser when those were in the shortest supply.

Athanasia (Athie) Livas is a 2019 graduate of Yale Law School and the first signatory to the Yale Community’s broad letter of support sent last July.

The Yalies, in their infinite authority, pronounced then-Judge Kavanaugh “eminently qualified to serve as a Supreme Court justice,” ostensibly because of his ability to reach “legal conclusions free of political partisanship.”

Their letter, which reads remarkably like a middle-school valedictory address, commends Kavanaugh for being “a valuable friend to the Yale community, visiting frequently to speak on important topics and to encourage admitted students to begin their legal careers in New Haven.”

And, as if giving speeches weren’t enough, Kavanaugh was also his daughters’ basketball coach. How convincing. What could possibly say “fit for SCOTUS” better than that?

Don’t worry, though, Livas isn’t likely to be judged by the vacuous language of a letter attested to by self-proclaimed arbiters of jurisprudential qualification. She’ll do just fine in her career, as it is beginning with a clerkship right at Kavanaugh’s side.

Honestly, all this you-scratch-my-confirmation-hearing-I’ll-scratch-yours is going from bad to worse. Before, when the clerk du jour was the daughter of Yale prof Amy Chua, there was at least some plausible deniability on the quid-pro-quo claim.

Chua, a self-styled Tiger Mom, had written a Wall Street Journal op-ed that canonized Kavanaugh (her daughter’s boss) as a feminist hero while dismissing any bias on the grounds that his confirmation would mean her daughter would be out of a job.

Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld herself showed up on Twitter and insisted her Army service would prevent her from even considering a clerkship. That denial didn’t hold up, though, as less than a year later Chua-Rubenfeld’s clerkship with Kavanaugh was publicly announced.

At least, though, Chua’s glowing endorsement occurred before Kavanaugh’s disastrous confirmation hearing. She called him a hero before we saw Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testify, and before Kavanaugh sniveled, raged and burst with indignation.

The letter Rivas openly endorsed was pretty simple: Kavanaugh is a good guy; we’re proud of him; we deserve to be proud, and we deserve to have our guy confirmed, went the silent undercurrent.

Livas isn’t the first Yale alumni to ascend to Team Kavanaugh, and she surely won’t be the last. Kavanaugh is going to keep rewarding loyal supporters and we’ll keep pointing that out.

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